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Dental treatment to Ukraine

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Last decades Ukraine has significantly succeeded in developing Dental Tourism. Many very good dental clinics are situated in the capital Kiev and other regions of Ukraine. The best equipment and dental supplies, highly professional staff, all these attract international patients from around the world to Ukraine. A range of Ukrainian clinics offer world class quality for international patients at very low prices.  The cost of dental work in Ukraine can be several times as low as in western European countries, including Germany, Great Britain, Italy, France…

MedVisit Co Ltd  facilitates the trip of international patients seeking in Ukraine for various kinds of dental treatment including Endodontics, Orthodontics, Dentofacial Orthopaedics, Pediatric dentistry, Periodontics, Prosthodontics. We can support your trip to Kiev and Crimean region of Ukraine. Kiev is the capital of Ukraine that harvested the best university professionals and dental clinics. Crimea is the Black Sea resort that can offer you the best quality of dental work with excellent rest and leisure. Crimea has lovely nature, forest mountains, very old history and see-sights related to Ancient Greeks, Scythians, Genoeses, Tatars, and Crimean war.

We will solve all issues concerning with assessment of medical (dental) condition and volume of expected dental work, getting quote from the clinic, accommodations, ground transportation, translation, excursions (if required). Payment for the dentist’s services is made by the patient directly to the clinic after receiving written warranties. The clinics give 10 years guarantee for its work.

We offer you dental treatment only in those clinics, which have proved to be of highest quality, staffed with the best professionals, are equipped by modern equipment, have all necessary certificates and permits, and have a solid experience of the work with international patients.

Some steps are needed to prepare properly your trip to Ukraine for dental treatment:

At the first step a Ukrainian dentist estimates the volume of the expected dental work and its cost. Your medical data is helpful for the doctor:

  • Description of your dental problems with your own words, your requirements preferences.
  • If you have panoramic X-ray of upper jaw and mandible with all your teeth please send it by e-mail (digital format), on which will are distinctly seen upper and lower rows teeth. This X-ray will greatly facilitate the assessment of expected dental work.
  • If you have a conclusion of the you home dentist with cost calculation you can send. In this case you will receive the answer in order to compare the cost for identical procedures in a Ukrainian clinic according to local prices.

If you provide us with all data specified above, the estimation will be the most exact though preliminary. If you do not give any data, the estimation will be conducted at place on arrival to Ukraine after first visit to the dentist.

The second step: We send you the offer that includes approximate volume of dental work and its preliminary cost, duration of the treatment, name and address of the clinic, name of the dentist, his(her) CV, present quality certificates, and other relevant data. We will indicate the hotel according to your preferences, as well as options for ground transportation, translator, etc. If you accept that offer we can go over to the third step.

The third step implies agreement on the admission date to the clinic, booking hotels, tickets, ground transportations, translation services and leisure activities (on demand).You get the clear plan of the trip with all important information.

You will pay beforehand only booked tickets and a hotel. The remaining services you can pay at place in Ukraine. However, if wish other payment options we will arrange them according to you preferences.

On arrival to Ukraine: Our representative meets you at the airport and delivers you to the hotel for checking-in. At appointed time our representative will pick you up from the hotel and follow you to the dental clinic for the first consultation of the dentist.

Revision of the treatment plan: The first checkup at the clinic and additional examinations (if necessary) will exactly define the volume dental work. After discussing all details the treatment can proceed.

During the course of treatment: You will have a possibility to visit local see sights of the city and neighboring places. Of course, time-table for trips and excursions will have to be agreed with the dentist.

On completion of the the treatment we will deliver you to the airport for departure home. But even on arrival to you home we will be supporting the communication channel. In the case of any problem we will ask to consult the dentist by phone conference call to find appropriate solution.l

You can access us by e-mail or with contact form. We will gladly provide you with additional information.

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